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Equestrian Images portfolio A small selection of equestrian photography. Deadbeats Partyband portfolio A small selection of the Deadbeats. For more information or to book them go to their
website at
Rupert Fabulous portfolio Playing at The Vic, St Annes Rough Touch Live in The Tavern St Annes portfolio A small selection of photos from a group called Rough Touch.
Party Time portfolio A 40th birthday party. Blackpool Airshow 2014 portfolio Small Selection of Images
Flowers portfolio Small Selection of Flowers Sporting Activities portfolio British University Karate Championships in Sheffield Feb 2014
Jaguars 90th Anniversary portfolio 90 years of Jaguar history Jonathan and Sarah Humphreys portfolio Congratulations to Jonathan and Sarah on their wedding 9th June 2012.
Golf Open Championship Lytham St Annes portfolio A selection of images taken on the Sunday the Open Championship opened in Lytham St Annes 2012 Kay and Ben Flitcroft portfolio Congratulations to Kay and Ben Flitcroft on their wedding 30th July 2011
Paul and Jenna Burns portfolio Congratulations to Paul and Jenna - 2nd Sept 2011 Megan and Damian Moden portfolio Congratulations to Megan and Damian Moden on their wedding of 19th March 2011
Al and Louise Sleet portfolio Congratulations to Al and Louise on their wedding day 29th May 2010 Neil and Holly Bramwell portfolio Congratulations to Neil and Holly on their wedding day 4th October 2009 at Bartle Hall.
Stuart and Gill Wedding portfolio Congratulations to Stuart and Gill who got married on the 21st of June 2008. Gary & Teresa's Wedding 16th June 2007 portfolio Congratulations Gary & Teresa.
16th June, 2007
50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot portfolio Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Porter on their 50th Anniversary Osbaldestone Riding Centre portfolio A small selection of photos from a Showing Competition at Osbaldestone.
Les Dawson Statue Unveilling portfolio Peter Andre portfolio Peter Andre arrives at Tesco, Feb 5th 2010 7pm, to sign his latest album "Unconditional: Love Songs
Celebrity Pics portfolio Sorry but these photos are not for sale. Lytham and St Annes portfolio Views and scenes from my local area
Blackpool portfolio Scenes from the Blackpool area Blackpool Airshow 2009 portfolio A selection of photos taken from the Blackpool Airshow 2009, 9th August.
Southport Air Show 2009 portfolio Photos taken from the Saturday of the two days of Southport Air Show 2009 Plane Spotters Bit portfolio The boys in red and others to follow.
Laura portfolio A portfolio of Laura Portraits portfolio Some examples of portraits but still have a bit of work to do.
Animal Portraits portfolio Wildlife, Scary & Fluffy portfolio Anything that sqwarks, buzzes and grunts.
Fireworks 2008 portfolio World Championship Fireworks 2009 portfolio Fireworks from 2009
Cholmondeley Pageant of Power - Bikes portfolio A selection of bike photos taken from the great family day out in Cheshire. Cholmondeley Pageant of Power - Cars portfolio A selecion of photos of the cars taken at Cholmondeley Pageant of Power
Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group portfolio A selection of vehicles were on display at Fairhaven Lake who were a part of the Blackpool Vehicle Preservation Group. Should any of you who have their photos published here please contact me via email so that I can provide more info about your vehicle, thanks. Andy
For more about the group visit their website at
TVR Blackpool portfolio
Annual Ford Meet portfolio 2007 Annual Ford Meeting Cars portfolio Cruise Meets
Rolls Royce portfolio Lytham Green 'The Edge' Car Meet Poulton portfolio Wednesday 4th July, 2007
Krooz, Krooz, Krooz portfolio Motorbikes Part 1 portfolio Fylde Bike Meets
Motorbikes Part 3 portfolio Chirk Castle portfolio
Cholmondeley Castle portfolio Still Life portfolio Collection of still life images
Abstract portfolio Black and White portfolio
Flowers portfolio Close up, flowers, insects, etc Peeps Around the Globe portfolio If only they knew!
Scenic Stuff portfolio Travel photography from all over the world. Water Science portfolio
1331 Gastrobar, York portfolio Grape Lane York Alley Cats, York portfolio A great location for food and drink during the day and evening.
Riverside Apartments, Girona portfolio Riverside Apartments,
David Lloret

c. Ballesteries, 23, 2n
17004 Girona
Contact telephones:
+34-655341258 (Mobile)
People and their Hobbies portfolio A collection of people and their hobbies